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Adura is the Yoruba word for prayer. Prayer is common among all people of color around the world. Adura is essential to the Yoruba. It is through adura that we petition on behalf of others. It is through Adura that we give thanks for blessings seen and unseen. It is through Adura that we ask for peace, good health, longivity, children and prosperity. It is through Adura that we communicate with Olodumare, the Orisa and the Ancestors. Adura is man talking to the spirit world.



Like Adura, Dafa is also essential to the Yoruba. Dafa is the process of divination used by priest of IFA. IFA is the scripture of Olodumare as given to Orunmila, his Prophet. Within the 256 Odus of IFA are the 360 degrees of wisdom, knowledge and understanding of the Universe. IFA is complete; and within the IFA system is the resolution to all oF life's problems and the answers to all questions. IFA says, the only thing in life that cannot be changed the the day on which we come to earth and the appointed time we are to leave. Everything else can be altered with the proper sacrifice and obediance to the guidance of IFA. The Yoruba rely on divination to guide there lives. Divination is done before a baby comes into the world. Divination is done so that man might know his destiny. Divination is done before any major or life affecting decision is made. As Yoruba, we go to IFA for direction on what to do, what not to do and the proper sacrifice that must be made.



Ebbo is the Yoruba word for sacrifice. Sacrifice is a major component in this religion and all of the major religions around the world. Without sacrifice, nothing is accomplished. We pray, we divine, we sacrifice. The proper sacrifice needed is always determined by the priest and divination. In IFA we go for a reading, and a Babalawo (Father of Secrets) will consult IFA on our behalf. IFA will speak through the Ikin (kola nuts) or Opele (divining chain). We are taught that sacrifice is only half of being obedient to the counsel of IFA; the second half is; doing or not doing, what we were told. The Ase of sacrifice is strenthened with a "clean heart and righteous intentions". Sacrifice guarantees success, only when we do what we are told. In Adura, man speaks to the spirit realm. In Dafa, the spirit realm speaks to man. In Ebbo, we make an offering to either Orisa or Ancestors who interceed with Olodumare or other Orisa on our behalf. These are the three most important components in the Yoruba system of religious beliefs.



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